Flow Switch

Date Added: 2020-01-29 02:46:01

In wet pipe systems, generally pedal type water alarm switches are used for informing users 4-10 gpm water flow has started. Water flow switches are used in Aqueous and foam fire extinguishing systems. They are used in only wet pipe systems. Because of the dry contact feature it appears on the control panel. Flow switches are suitable for the using in indoor and outdoor.

Advantages: When the water flow starts, it gives signal to panel and start the alarm.
Disadvantages: It cause some little pressure loss, and it is always used in wet pipe systems.

Connection Type:
Threaded or U bolt

Working Pressure:
400psi ~ 450psi

Working Temperature:
Between 0ºC - 49ºC with water.

1” – 2” Threaded
2” – 8” U Bolt

Suitable with pipe systems:
 - Steel water pipe
 - Sch.10 – 40 pipes

Application area:
All wet pipe lines which includes flows like a water.

 - UL Listed
 - ULc Listed
 - FM Approved